Having Problems With Heat Press Marks?

If you’re having problems with your heat press machine leaving marks on your clothes, then you’re not alone. This is actually a pretty common problem for many heat press users, especially those who are just starting out.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they use teflon pads on the outside of their garments when pressing, but put nothing inside of the garment itself. This creates an uneven transfer of heat, which results in marks being left on the clothing.

Remember people, using a heat press machine is a precise process. Even the simplest of things can throw your whole operation off.

Using Multiple Press Marks?

If you’re using multiple heat press marks and are having this issue, then the solution for you is a bit more complicated. What I found to work was cutting a piece of heat resistant material and putting it on the edges of where the marks would appear. If there isn’t any heat being transfered, then there aren’t going to be any marks.

When you go to do your next press, then you’re going to uncover that area.

What’s happening is that the area is having heat transferred to it multiple times, which isn’t what vinyl is designed to do. When this happens, there are marks that are going to be left on the garment. The same can be said when using heat press paper.


Finally, the issues could be that the heat press machine that you’re using could be defective. Sometimes this happens where a heat press will get way hotter in certain areas than others.

A properly functioning heat press is going to have an even distribution of heat across the surface. When a heat press is on its way out, there is sometimes an uneven distribution of heat. Uneven distributions of heat have been known to cause heat press marks on your garments.