Repairing Your Heat Press Machine

Whether or not you can repair your heat press machine will depend on a few common factors.

First and foremost, you’re going to want to know what brand of heat press you have. There are many popular brands out there, such as Power Press or JFROTO, but also a lot of knockoff brands from Chinese manufacturers.

If your heat press machine is one of the more well known brands, then your best best is contacting their customer support hotline before trying to make any repairs yourself. Sometimes it can be incredibly tricky trying to repair a heat transfer machine yourself.

Should you unfortunately have a knockoff Chinese heat press machine, then you’re probably out of luck. Overseas manufacturers tend to not offer any support for their items. There is a reason that they’re able to sell the items for so cheap – it’s because they do not offer anything beyond the product. Meaning, no support for that heat press machine, whatsoever.

This is why I have told a lot of my friends interested in buying a heat transfer machine that they should buy quality. Never buy anything based on price, that’s just setting yourself for failure.

More ways to repair…

There are more things that you can look for.

If the heat press machine isn’t powering on, you’re going to want to check the power supply on the device. If you notice that when it’s plugged in, but the machine is turned off, and it’s getting warm, then that’s a sign that the power supply is broken.

If you’re having a problem with the clam-shell not closing properly or being misaligned, then you’re going to need to check the screws on the lever. This is the most common of problems in heat press machines. Usually this is a simple fix of just tightening or replacing the screw.

If your heat press machine happens to have ball bearings, then you’re going to want to make sure that there is proper lubrication on them. The ball bearings need to be able to rotate freely, without any kind of abrasion.

and finally…

These are just some of the ways a heat press can be broken. Try and contact the manufacturer before you do anything. If that fails, then either buy a new one or find a local electronics mechanic.