Purpose of Silicone Paper Sheets

Silicone paper sheets are one of the most confusing things about using heat press machines. Most people have zero clue what they are for and as a result, just dismiss them as an unnecessary accessory. Well, they’re not. They’re actually pretty great!

Silicone paper sheets will typically come along with a pack of heat transfer paper.

One of the main purposes of the silicone paper sheets it that they give your heat transfer much more durability. This is going to reduce bleeding, burns, and any kind of direct contact with the heat press. In my opinion, they give you a much more controlled heat transfer.

They’re also great if you’re going to be doing a multi-heat transfer job because they help maintain the even distribution of heat across your heat transfer machine. While the heat transfer machine should theoretically never have an uneven distribution of heat when it’s plugged in, it does happen when pressing multiple¬† items in a row.

Protection – silicone paper sheets do a great job of protecting your heat press machine. Because they’re so durable and are heat-resistant, they’re going to ensure that none of the garment or vinyl is pressed down onto the machine itself. Both of which, while not necessarily dangerous to the machine, does create an unwanted element that could potentially be burned onto the surface of the machine.

However, you need to remember that silicone paper does wear out after just a few heat transfers. I recommend using silicone paper sheets for no more than 25 heat press transfers. Any more than that and the silicone paper really loses all effectiveness. This could result in your heat transfer machine or garments becoming damaged.

Also, please remember to never use silicone paper sheets when you’re doing a heat transfer onto vinyl. There is no need to. Vinyl has it’s own default backing built into it. Using a silicone paper sheet is going to be redundant and will ruin your heat transfer.